Monday, October 21, 2013


Weekend was a freaking busy one!!

Friday night I had to go to a Parent Meeting for Zach's hockey team. Boring, but necessary.

Saturday, got up and cleaned the house.  Since my surgery, I had been told to take it easy, no vacuuming etc.  However, the house was starting to look a little rough around the edges so it was time for a once over.

Got that done and jumped in the shower.  Was just about ready, when my Mum showed up to babysit the boys.  Brad and I were having a Bomber game date night.  Holy crap it was cold.
I realise it's all about perspective and in 4 months or so, this weather is going to feel balmy. However, on Saturday afternoon, IT WAS COLD.

Sunday was hockey in the morning for Logan and then an epic shopping trip.  I had to get the boys new winter stuff as they freaking GREW over the summer.

We hit up Sport Chek because they were having an outwear sale. If you spent over $499 then you got a $100 gift card.  Done!  Then they had BOGO on the boots.  Unfortunatley, they didn't have Zach's size at the St. Vital location, but whatevs, we hit up the Pembina one.

Then it was onto Cabelas for a little red neck indulgence.  B needed new radiant (I think that's what they are called) Ice breaker clothes.  They are crazy warm base layer clothes that reflect your own heat back to you.  Not cheap however...

Then I bought Brad a hunting blind.  It's like a backpack, but it had a tent inside it that just pops up with no poles.  You can call it a blind if you want, but it's really a camo fort.


Then we got the boys the stuff they needed to make their Halloween costumes.  Zach wants to be Si and Logan wants to be Willy

Si (note the pointing, glasses and tea cup... that's important)


The Hargreaves Version (Nb - The Yellow thing in Logan's Hand is a Duck Call):

All in all, it was a good weekend. Got lots done... B even got the basement bathroom shower working again, so that's cool.  One more project done and one more step closer to moving!!!


essay roo said...

I really like to read this post. You have done everything in easily. Halloween day is coming and I really like your new getup which is really funny.

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