Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waiting on Lawyers now

Tuesday night we picked the upgrades that would make changes to the plans of the house.  As there is no show home for the house we choose, we went to see a house that is being built for someone else (that they graciously allowed us to tour).

It's much easier to walk through a house and say I want a window/light here than it is to look at plans and realize that you need one.  So we made the following changes:
1. Upgraded to a stone fireplace with built in entertainment cantilevers/lighting
2. Upgraded lighting in Great Room
3. Upgraded to pendant lights in kitchen
4. Added two windows in dining room
5. Custom Painting
6. Painted Ceilings (no stipple)
7. Added a plug in the pantry so we can plug in a freezer
8. Added lights to the storage room under the stairs
9. Changed the size of the den ( added 3 ft of cantilever)
10. Upgraded to a Stainless Steel range hood over stove
11. Upgraded windows in Great room so that they open
12. Added a water line to the fridge
13. Added a gas line to the deck so that Brad can run a line to the BBQ. No propane tanks.
14. Extra pot lights in kitchen hallway

The upgrades that we are going to do at the design center are:
1. Upgrade to Deluxe 3 m long island with wine racks/cabinets on the ends
2. Hardwood floors
3. Stainless steel dishwasher
4. Upgrade carpet underlay to 7lbs
5. Backsplash in kitchen

Then the rest of the elements we will just pick from the included options (choice of cabinets, hardware, fixtures, sinks, taps  etc).
We literally had to walk through the whole house and discuss what you want from every plug to fixture to closet... It was fun, but exhausting.  When it was finished, Brad and I were just sitting there kinda dazed.

Brad and I were on the same page, so honestly it did go pretty fast. We finished in 2 hours.  The rep told us that is quick.  A lot of couples have to do it over a few days because they can't agree.

Now all that is left is for the builders lawyers to review the conditions that our lawyer put on and then our house drops into the drafting queue.  That can take up to 8 weeks, because the architects have to review it.   it will be too cold to our the basement in 8 weeks, so we won't start digging until Spring.

From what I am told, once they dig the basement it is 4 months.  So let's say March/April it is warm enough and no longer drops down to freezing temps at night.   That will put possession into August, which is what we had though originally would be a reasonable possession date to work with.

I think I am going to have to resolve myself to the fact that this next 9 months is going to be filled with a whole fuckload of hurry up and wait.

We dropped off the second payment last night.  Probably the biggest personal cheque that I have ever written in my life. No scratch that, it was DEFINITELY the biggest cheque I have ever written.  We are trying our best to be smart about the upgrades. Giving priority to those that would be harder to do after the fact (remove stipple ceilings, install windows) and save others for later (install granite counter tops).  Regardless though... it's going to be expensive.


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