Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Twickenham dreams.

Well we have officially decided to move.

The thing is that we have decided to build a house rather than buy one.  One thing that I have found though is that the second you tell someone you are building a house, a verbal onslaught of tragic house building horror stories starts spewing from their mouths.

The second they FINALLY clue in to the fact that their story telling is giving you a massive anxiety attack, the end with "Oh, but I'm sure it will be fine for you"

So NO to the haters.  I am going to let myself get excited.

Nothing of course is official yet.  While we have put a deposit down on land, we have not yet made an offer on a house (doing that tonight).  Once we make an offer and it is accepted and the financing goes through, then it will be official.

Still, I am pretty excited. We are staying in the same area or plan to I should say.  The new house would be close to my existing bus route, close to the daycare, close to the boys school, so they don't have to change schools.  Awesome.


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