Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rolling Stones

Friday night Logan and I went to Boston pizza to watch the football game while Brad and Zach actually went to the game.

Later on in the evening, I started to feel really bloated and full. Then pressure and cramping set in my
Abdomen and back.

By 11pm, cramping was replaced with pain. Lots of pain.

I thought maybe it was food poisoning so I stayed close to the bathroom even going so far as to make myself throw up in an attempt to feel better.

Nothing worked. Heating pads/Tylenol/Advil wouldn't even touch the pain. At 3:45am I even laced up my runners and when for a run on the treadmill in the hopes of shaking things up, but that didn't work either.

By 4:30, I was exhausted from fighting the pain and had enough. Woke up brad and the boys and they took me to the Victoria hospital.

The took me in right away, but the boys weren't allowed in the room, so I had to go by myself while Brad stayed with them.

4 hours.

4 hours of lying on a gurney writhing in pain before a doctor came to see me and I got some morphine. Hands down one of the worst nights of my life.

The Dr did a u/s using a small portable machine and determined I had gall stones. The Vic's u/s department is closed on weekends, so they put  me in a medi-van and sent me to St. B for a proper scans. The dr there did a scan and found I had over 15 stones. Holy Mother!!!

It was decided rather quickly that I should go for gallbladder removal surgery because by this point, my gallbladder was inflamed and had many blockages. During this whole time I was getting lots of morphine shots to keep the pain at bay. The shots took the edge off, but never blocked the pain entirely.

Went for surgery about 2 hours later.

So now I am recovering. While I am sore from the laparoscopic surgery, it's a soreness rather than unrelenting pain, so I feel much better.

What in the actual fuck? I had no idea I had gallstones! A few weeks ago I had felt this same pain but it went away after two hours so I assumed it was a pulled muscle. In the last few months I had been having a sore back after sleeping, after speaking with the dr., I now understand that this sore back feeling I was having was actually gall stone attacks.

Now that's it's all over I feel quite grateful that they were able to figure out the problem and get me in for surgery so fast. Nurses at St. B are amazing.

I am hoping to make it home by tomorrow.

So while it wasn't my best weekend on record, it was a memorable one!


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