Monday, September 9, 2013

Parties and Renos

We are finishing up the renos around the house.  Brad got the second eaves trough and down spout on (one more to go) and I tackled some small inside jobs.

For instance, there has been a loose knob on the hall closet.  As a result of being loose, every time you pulled it you were rubbing the edge of the knob against the wood door, slowly making the hole that the knob sits in a little bigger over time.    Captivating I know.

Still, it annoyed me, so we got that fixed.  Next up was the range hood in the kitchen. It died.  So we replaced that.... really spruces up the kitchen.

We are going to redo the bathroom floor in the basement, so that is coming up soon, along with:

Painting Kitchen/hallway/back entrance
Change access panels to soaker tub in bathroom to be more decorative
New countertop in kitchen
Landscaping outside
Redo Vapor barrier in storage room
Fix some broken tiles on flooring

Then it will be done!


Saturday afternoon we headed over to Beth & Dave's for a party.  It's always fun for my kids to go there because they have kids their age to hang out with.

It was BYOB, so I got creative and decided to try something new. I bought Elderflower Cider, Golden Cider and then my old reliable Smirnoff VII Watermelon.

I started with the Elderflower.  When Debbie and Beth asked what I was drinking, there were both just looking at me like I was nuts...

However, undaunted, I was all excited thinking it would be awesome and after the first sip I was like....

After my epic display of distaste for it, I offered them both a sip so that they could try...yeah.. they just looked at me...

Do yourself a favor and save your money. This is bad. Really bad.  Perfume flavored vodka bad. So I admit that the Elderflower experiment was a bust. I then tossed that and moved on to my next selection... Foundry Golden Cider

If possible, this was worse than the Elderflower concoction.   It tasted like apple juice mixed with beer and had the unmistakable smell of doe urine.  It was so laughably bad, that we poured it into shot glasses and everyone had some.

 After the gustatory disaster of the last two,, I decided to stick with my old reliable, Smirnoff VII Watermelon.  I needed something to cleanse my palette.

So much better....

Party was great, had a nice big bonfire after the sun went down.  Gotta love end of summer... no bugs... still warm... awesome!


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