Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zach's party

ZJ is turning 10. Insanity that it's been 10 years already!!

This year for Zach's party he wanted something low key.  No bowling, no lazer tag, just the boys coming over, having pizza and playing at the park for a few hours.

Good call kid!  That I can do.

We had 9 kids over for pizza.  Zach doesn't like cake, so instead we had a Sundae bar.  The kids got to choose from a huge selection of  toppings and make their own Sundae.  The Sundae bowls looked like a diabetic nightmare!!  Good thing they didn't finish them all!

After Pizza they went to the park.  Came back after a bit and had Sundaes and opened presents, then back to the park.  Simplest birthday party on record!!!  No mess whatsoever!  By the time the last kid was picked up, everything was all clean.



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