Thursday, August 22, 2013

We all scream for Ice Cream... Well Logan does.

Logan has been having off and on bellyaches for months.

It's super hard to know why kids have bellyaches. It could be the "I don't what to eat my broccoli" bellyache, or the "Ate too much junk food bellyache" or the less common in Logan's case "Something is bugging me and I can't articulate it" bellyache.

But, it's gotten more frequent; frequent enough that I was concerned.  So I took him to the Dr.

Consensus?   Lactose Intolerant.

Ok... so maybe I didn't have any clue it was lactose, but I knew it was something. 

Poor Logan... he is currently mourning the loss of all things dairy.  At first when the Dr. told him he was ok. But then I on the ride home, we were talking about the things he was going to have to cut out... he was like...

Yeah... sorry kid.  It sucks. There is so way to sugar coat it.  But we'll figure it out.  It's been a few days and so far... no bellyaches, so it would appear that the lactose intolerant diagnosis hit the nail on the cheese string. 


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