Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hunting Wabbits!

What a goofy night.  Beth invited the kids and I over for drinks and a swim.  So we are just hanging. out...

Then Beth saw a rabbit go into her garden.  Zach chased it into a shed and closed the door.  Great, now what?

My inner redneck bubbled up, everybody be cool, I got this.

So I went into the shed armed with a cardboard box.  Zach came in with me initially, but then when the rabbit started freaking out and scrambling up the walls, he decided to pack it in.

Beth came in instead, but she screamed as well.  I would like to say that I was calm the entire time. For the most part I was, but when you have a rabbit that is freaking out and scratching up the walls, it's a little unnerving.

Undeterred, we trapped the thing in a box and affectionately called him Bugs.  However, after Beth and I sat down triumphantly with the box, we were like.. uh... what do we do with it now?

I texted Brad and she texted Dave for advice.  Dave suggested we take it to Maple Grove Rugby Park.  Brad suggested rabbit stew. Nice.  

The kids and I went home a little later and Beth and her entourage took the rabbit to the park and released it.  At least it won't be eating her garden anymore! You're welcome!


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