Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Retail Nirvana

Last night was just awesome.

I took the boys to Sport Chek to get new shoes.  NOt just ANY shoes my boys will remind you... DC shoes.  Even I have to admit, they look pretty cool.

So I went... prepared for my wallet to take a bit of a beating.  Then when we get there, a guy comes over to help us.  He tells us that not only are both pairs of shoes the boys want are on sale, the shoes are buy one get one 50% off...

I was shocked to find that Zach has grown yet again and is now in size 7 MENS.  Good Grief!  Logan went up to a size 4.  

So off we go to the checkout.  As I was flipping through my wallet standing in line ( a habit I have to check and see if I have any coupons in my wallet)  I found two $50 Sport Chek gift cards that Brad's parents gave the boys at Christmas.  I had completely forgotten about them!!!  Wooooot!

 When the checkout rang up it was only $80 or so for the shoes, so we went off in search of some socks (which were ALSO buy one get one 50% off).  The boys each picked up some Nike socks and we were back in line.  The Grand total was $107.66.   So for $7.66, I got two pairs of DC shoes, and nike socks for the boys. if it could possibly get better at this point, the checkout girl hands me a $20 gift card.  Apparently it's their back to school special, spend over $100 and get a $20 giftcard back...



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