Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Big Ball of Love

Well it's finally here.

My parents 50th anniversary.  It's been a lot of work. A lot of planning.  It all comes down to Saturday.

We have the cake, the decorations, the pig roast, the flowers, the gift, the cards, the letters of congratulations, the pictures, the memories.

Truth be told it has actually been a great deal of fun planning this thing.  Been laughing my head off looking at all the old photos and having people share stories about M&D.

Not to mention the fact that my family goes hard.  When there is a big celebration, we all get together and  open some bottles and have a great time.  Having a 100 family and friends with the wine flowing is going to be entertaining as hell. Just to kick back in a chair and watch it all will be hilarious.

In all fairness though, in this world of divorce, it's pretty amazing that a couple has stayed together for 50 years. Really, it's quite incredible. Over the course of 50 years, I guess you just learn to go with each others quirks and not let the little things bug you.

There is still a whole bunch to do, the kind of thing that can't be done until the last minute.  So I have taken Thursday and Friday off to do all the running around.  Going to be awesome.


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