Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working overtime

Holy Shitballs Batman.

Can we talk overtime?

I was busy yesterday working on regular quarter end stuff, when a request came in that was due the next day.  This was no small request. It required me running a set of queries over 120 times.

Think I'm kidding?

I had to load data for the past 10 years.... by month.... each of which requires a single query to load as there are thousands of records in each month.

10 year x 12 months  = 120 queries!
See... told ya.

The thing was that was just to get the information that I needed in order to create this report.  Ended up working until 9:45pm before heading home.  Major blood sugar crash in the cab home as I had just fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch.

Once I got home, Brad asked me what I was working on.  Now while the stuff I was doing was a lot of work, I actually in some sick sadistic way kinda enjoy it.   So I was trying to explain this to Brad.  Brad is not a techy guy.   Listening to me rattle on about SQL code and databases he was just sitting there like..

So back at it today... made some progress and got phase 1 finished.



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