Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was a really good weekend.

Friday night, Beth & Dave invited us over for drinks.  It's cool because their boys are the same age as Logan and Zach is the same age as their daughter Kiera. So we all head over, no need for a babysitter and the kids entertain themselves at the pool.

Beth & I were laughing our heads off trying to demonstrate the latest Zumba dance.  On Thursday, the class had a new instructor.  I had never seen her before. She clearly has some latin background, cause homegirl can MOVE!

She did this one dance that was telling the story of a Matador and a Bull.  Complete with us having to put up little pretend horns on our head and stomping our feet like we were going to charge.  It was really funny and all we could do not to laugh our heads off!

We are fully aware that we have no game and so we look like complete idiots during Zumba class, but that's kinda what makes it so much fun.

Saturday bright and early Brad and I got to work on the house.  He worked on the siding/fascia and I was stripping the old paint from the front window.  We had replaced the picture window a few years ago, so that was already good but the front basement window needed a little TLC.

The heat gun is the SHIT! It just lifts everything off like nothing.  Amazing.  Slight problem when I held it in place too long and started the inner rubber seal of the window on fire, but I got that taken care of LOL.

After stripping the old paint, I got a little "Caulky". HA! Sorry... bad pun, but I couldn't resist.  Yup. I caulked my first window.... and it is not as easy as it looks. It wasn't the most beautiful caulking job I have ever seen, but we plan on replacing that window soon, so it just has to be presentable.

 Saturday night Brad and I decided to go out for dinner... just the two of us. We rarely do that.  So Mum came over to babysit and we headed out to dinner at Earls.  I ordered this chicken/brie/fig jam thing.... so good.

Sunday am, I got up early. Does Anyone actually enjoy getting up early on a Sunday morning?

Debbie and I had planned on going for a run. Deb has been going through so much lately, and it is sometimes hard to have serious conversations when you're running, so we decided to walk instead.  It's pretty incredible how going for a walk with a friend... just talking... downloading all your shit on to another person.....with no expectation or desire for them to fix the problem.... just having someone LISTEN.... makes you feel infinitely better.

After our walk it was back to renos.  Since I had finished the window on Saturday, I was working on the glass panes by the front door.  As I usually do, I got in WAY over my head and starting painting everything.  After stripping / repainting the window, I then painted the door.  After I painted the door, I realised that the frame didn't match, so I painted the frame.

Then I noticed that our mailbox didn't coordinate.  So I ran to Home Depot and got some spray paint and painted that. By this point the magic of being a self sufficient woman and doing renos was wearing off.  I finished up the painting called it a day.  Brad BBQed a nice tenderloin for supper and that was it.

It was totally productive. I even managed to squeak in marking papers as well. I will be very grateful when these renos as done. Whew!


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