Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spin Cycle! Spin Cycle!

My washer is tired.  It can no longer handle the riggers of the spin cycle.

Instead, it dutifully washes the clothes, rinses and then just sighs and stops.

So we needed a new one.  I went on Facebook and asked if anyone knew of a good place to get one at a reasonable price.

How about $100?

My friend Kelly is married to a military man.  They travel a lot.  They have been stationed in Winnipeg for the past two years. I recall Kelly posting something some months ago about having to buy a new washer.  Then... they got transferred to Toronto.

Shipping appliances is hardly worth is because after the cost and potential damage of shipping it's just better to buy new ones when you get there.  So she was looking to sell hers.  Even better... it's a top loader!

As much as I would like a front load washing machine, because they are cool and stuff, I would have to rearrange my whole laundry room to accommodate the swinging door. Plus friends who have the front loader say that they tend to stink if you don't clean out the washer drum all the time.

So it all worked out, I am going to go over to Kelly's tonight to pick it  up! Woot!


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