Monday, June 17, 2013 good

Friday night Brad's buddies Dave and Bruce came over and started work on the siding.  The weather didn't cooperate, but they did do a lot of work and even got the siding up under the window.  Despite getting the final touches for the party, I even managed to do a few loads of laundry and bake two square pans worth of dainties to freeze for the 50th.


Saturday am I got up at the crack of freaking dawn to clean the house.  My plan was to have the whole birthday party outside, but on the off chance it was raining I didn't want my house looking like shit either.  While I did that Brad and Dave worked on the house.

Ok... this is where it got busy.  Kids started to arrive at 1:00 pm.  Brad took them all and the nets/sticks over to the school to get set up.  Meanwhile I ran Zach over to the birthday party he was going to at Dakota bowling.

Came back and started getting the watermelon ready for half time.  Brought that over with a cooler of water bottles.

Ran back to the house and got the goody bags all portioned.  My original idea was to have the kids pick out their own candy, but with 12 little boys running around I thought that might have been chaotic, so I decided to pre-portion them.  My friend Debbie (whose son is Logan's best friend Seth) stayed to help me with all the running around.  So grateful!!

We then took the cake over to the playground.  The playground at our school has picnic tables.  So rather than have cake/ice cream inside we took advantage of the nice weather and stayed outside.  Boys had about 45 minutes when we started the cake until the end of the party, so they just ran around the playground.  Awesome!

Party ended - handed out the goody bags.  I was supposed to drive one of the kids home, but another parents offered, so I was able to run over and get Zach without being late.

Because we didn't have presents, there was some extra time, but that's alright. The kids had fun.  In the end we decided that a 60-40 split was better than the original 50-50 split we had planned.

So Movement Center got $100 from Logan's birthday.  Logan asked me to take him shopping after the party and he got himself a pair of new DC kicks. So he's happy with that.

Sunday am Brad and Logan were up bright and early for the race.  They finished with a time of 34 minutes!  Pretty sweet.  Came home, had a nice Father's Day brunch and then headed out to Morden to visit my inlaws.

It was such a nice visit. We hadn't really seen them since Christmas, which is too long and we really have to make more of an effort to get out there.  Kids had a good time, and then we headed home after supper.

Sunday night Brad and I were just sitting on the couch like....


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