Friday, June 14, 2013

Productive evening

I am gearing up for the end of June - July Armageddon.  I am going to be so freaking busy with quarter end at work, marking papers and planning the 50th that I won't have time to even breathe.

So in anticipation of the chaos I am trying to get a jump on things.    I want to have a candy station at the 50th.  So I went and got all the jars and stuff.  But then I thought that I could also use that for Logan's party this weekend instead of goody bags!!

So here is what the Candy Station looks like.  We are going to put it on a different table, but whatever.  Each kid will get a scoop and can fill up a little goody bag.

We are having a Charity Tournament Hockey Party, so we also decided to have popcorn available for the spectators/kids. To make it more fun, I got one of those old fashioned popcorn makers.. Super Cute!

So after getting the candy station done, I had five minutes or so left before being completely exhausted, so I decided to make some labels for the water bottles for the 50th.  It's an outdoor pig roast (my families signature party). It's going to be in August even though their anniversary is in November. So I made up these cute labels....

So productive!!!  So I am all set for the party tomorrow.  Tonight Brad's buddies Bruce and Dave are coming over to do some work on the siding.  I am excited at the prospect of no longer having to stare at Tyvek!!  After that will be the eaves troughing/Soffits/Fascia and then the outside will be done!

The only trouble is that with the party on Saturday I will be getting up freaking early to clean the house and get things ready. Then Sunday we are all getting up early for the Manitoba Marathon because Brad and Logan are running.  Right after that we are going to Morden to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hargreaves for Fathers Day. So no sleeping in for me this weekend.... Boo


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