Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Humidity Run

Debbie and I were supposed to go for a run last night.  All part of our master plan to run about twice a week.

However, even at 7:30 it was still really humid.   Like walk outside and instantly look like Weird Al Yancovic humid. I didn't want to let her down or anything, so I got all ready to go.  When she arrived, she said "how about we walk instead"...

It was pretty good timing for me to get the hell outta dodge because Brad was working on the house and was getting super frustrated.  He asked me  my opinion on two options for the downspouts.  However, when I chose one, he said that wasn't an option and got super annoyed at me. So I was just standing in the front yard, eyes wide open....

In my head, I knew it wasn't about me and he was frustrated at the house, but holy shit balls man! SO Debbie and I bailed and went walking. She's a fair bit taller than me, so her regular walking is that weird ass power walking for me to keep up.  Hopefully I didn't look that weird trying to keep up to her.

Tonight is Zach's football windup.  I have really no desire to go to this thing.  Honestly.  Can think of anything else I would rather do.   Come on rain!!!


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