Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Filled weekend

That was a really great weekend.

Saturday I got up and did a truck load of shopping with Mum fr the 50th.  We went to the party store and got TONS of 50th themed things.  We also got Logan's birthday presents purchased.

Dropped Logan off at his friends birthday party and Mum, Zach and I continued on.  Zach LOVING shopping as much as he does (**sarcasm sign) was keeping track and informed us that at the end of th our trip we had gone to 17 stores.

Even hit the dollar store and got 4 sheets of poster board to post pictures on at the 50th.  PLUS I even made cupcakes for Logan for Sunday and made his birthday cake for next weekend (now frozen).

Sunday was awesome.  Nick and Leslie were having a party at their place for the WPS Half Marathon committee windup.  So we went out there. Nick, Leslie, Rob, Kerri, Darren, Laird, Jean, Jason, Jill, Tyler were all there.  Such an awesome group of people.

Sunday night  Mum and Dad came over to install Logan's new bunk bed.  Dad is really great at making furniture as he has made all of the furniture for our cabin.  Logan asked him ages ago to build him a loft bed, so Dad obliged and  brought it over for his birthday.

Logan was pumped!

We didn't get home from the party until late, so by the time we got the bed all assembled it was time for bed. However, there is going to be a desk going in under the loft bed as well to make better use of the small space in Logan's room.



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