Friday, June 21, 2013


WHooo HOoo!!

So excited.

My Mum had wanted to have those letters of Congratulations from various dignitaries regarding their 50th wedding anniversary.  While she didn't explicitly say that she wanted them, when we were at her friends 50th anniversary a few years ago, you could tell that it was something she really wanted.  I have two job, two kids, and no free time... Well of Course I can do that....(sarcasm sign)

Yeah.. I talk a big game, but I just want her to be happy, so I got those all lined up. The Major, Governor General, Prime Minister, Premier...

But... my Dad...well... he could care less frankly.   He is more interested in whether or not his friends will be coming to the party and whether we have enough wine and food.  But, I wanted to make it special for him as well.

So I started making phone call.... First up was the Manitoba Fly Fishers association. My Dad has been a member/teacher for decades. They agreed to put something together for them.

Next up... Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  I talked to an executive at Head office and explained my unorthodox request.  My Dad is a huge Bomber fan and something from the Bombers would make his day.

Finally... CABELA'S.... are you freaking kidding me???  It took a few weeks of persistent phone calls trying to get in touch with the right person. Being transferred countless times from department to department.  However, cue angels singing I got in touch with a VP from Customer Relations who said that she would be happy to help.  She is going to put together a package and send it over to us.

How awesome is that?  My Dad loves Cabela's. He is forever buying stuff there for hunting/fishing seasons.  They have everything a guy like my Dad needs and man... a congratulations and best wishes for the upcoming hunting season?  Are you kidding?  That's the money shot!!!!


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