Thursday, June 20, 2013

Appendix Pains

So on Wednesday evening, I was at work.

Get 10 text messages and a few voice mails from Brad.  Zach was playing with on the playground when he suddenly got a bunch of stomach pains.

Brad took him to the Children's hospital and I met them there.  After an hour or so the pain subsided, so we made the choice to go home and then either go back if the pain returned or take him to the Dr. in the morning if he was pain free.

So thankfully, I had the foresight to bring my laptop with me when I went to the hospital. Wednesday, rather than go into work, I worked from home so that when the Dr. office called us with our standby appointment, I wouldn't have to lose lots of work time, bussing it every where.

 Dr. P checked Zach out.  We haven't ruled out appendicitis, because both Brad and I have had ours out, plus my nephew, my brothers in laws.... seems to be a family thing. But he also did urinalysis to check for a few thing.  Lastly, we are scheduled for an ultrasound as Dr. P want to rule out kidney/gallstones.

Poor Kid.  But he seems to be doing ok now, so we'll take it.  Hopefully the scans and tests will show nothing major.  Maybe it could be as innocent as gas pains or something.

Who knows.


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