Wednesday, June 5, 2013

50th Invites are DONE

If I have to address another envelope, I may just throw up.  Thankfully, the only writing I had to do was the addresses, but still... it was a lot of freaking addresses.

Will mail them this weekend.

Things are coming along.  I am almost halfway through the photos that I got the other day.  Man.. there is some freaking GEMS in there.

Mum is coming back from the cabin this weekend and we are going to do some shopping.  Stock up on decorations and stuff. I have to start of on my stuff.

1. Photo Book/Bunting
2. Photo Poster/Collage
3. Candy Table
4. Centerpieces - country theme mason jar with tea lights.
5. Memory Cards for the tables
6. 1960s Nostalgic music
7. Ceramic plate that people sign instead of a guest book
8. Dainties - by the truckload
9. Order the Pig - Danny's whole hog.
10. Photo slide show to be playing in the background
11. Construct a dance floor for the backyard. (Brad is going to handle this one).  My fam has a really big back yard that is big enough to make a dance floor, so why not?

My family is big on talking. Like REALLY big.  Oh lord... I know I talk alot, so my frame of reference is slightly elevated, but even I think we talk too much.  So I imagine that there are going to be speeches.  After all the planning and stuff going into this thing, I imagine I'll be so tired my speech will consist of

'Enjoying the dainties?  I made those bad boys"

I was looking at the invitations and I don't know half of the people my mum invited. It's going to be a lot of awkward smiling with people telling me they haven't seen me since I was a baby.  I'll have to practice my polite smile and nod expression.  It's times like this that I wish I had a sibling to share this with.  That being said Owen and Jill are going to help. Jill took the day off before the 50th to help me set up and get ready.  I am not sure if Owen is going to be able to attend, but he said he would help me score some 60s music.


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