Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vegas Wrap

It was awesome.

Friday night, we arrived, after the most fucked up flight I have ever been on.  It was so turbulent, the approach for landing was so wobbly and the pilot had to make a 90 degree turn into the airport, vom inducing.

But, once we got there, we walked the strip. Started at the Pallazo and made our way down (while hitting the shops of course) to the MGM Grand.  We stopped in at New York New York to check out the dueling piano bar which was pretty amazing.

We walked for 5 hours!  Nuts!

Saturday, we got up, hit Starbucks for breakfast and then went poolside.  Slight shock when we realised that pool side drink were $18.50 each for a tiny plastic cup!!

Stayed in the sun for about an hour and then hit the Outlet malls. Got so much great stuff!  Came back around dinner time and had some more drinks.  Around 11pm or so we headed out to Fremont.  I can TOTALLY see why they call it the Fremont Street experience.  There were some amazing bands.  One was a Men without Hats tribute band and the other was a Metal band.  They were both so cool.  Plus I love the fact that drinks on Fremont are cheap!  We got tequila shots for $2 each.  Debbie had never had tequila shots before so it was a first for her!  We had to go hard core because they didn't have limes LOL.

We decided to check out the zip lining.  It was all well and good signing the release forms, and even taking the elevator up to the platform was fine.  However, getting into the harness and stepping up to the platform I have to admit, my heart was racing a bit.

So glad that you get pulled/pushed off though, so I didn't have to rely on my own will power to hurl myself off the edge.  It was awesome.

Sunday am we slept in a bit because we had stayed on Fremont till 3 am.  Got up and hit the pool again.  A guy came around and gave us free admission to the "exclusive" Azure pool with free champagne wrist bands.  What sounded super awesome was a bit of a let down really. It was no different from the regular pool and the champagne was mediocre. Debbie liked the champagne, but I like a sweet champagne, so it wasn't my fav.

We decided to spend the afternoon at the spa and hit up Aquavana It's a water based spa.  Essentially, from what we could gather, the premise is to hop from hot to cold, hot to cold over and over again.  We had fun, but the Igloo spa treatment was effing cold and we didn't really care for that one!

Sunday night was a highlight.  We hit Beatles Love! Click the link to see a preview.  It was hands down the best show I have ever seen in my life. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it.

Sunday night we were packing up and I found a black sock.  I said "Here Debbie, I found your sock"  I knew it wasn't mine because I don't have black socks.

She replied, "I didn't bring any black socks"


So when we were checking out, I mentioned it to the clerk, who refunded our resort fees for the who weekend! SCORE!

Flight home was much better.  We stopped at the IHOP in Grand Forks for some lunch.  I was three bites into my omelette when I saw a hair on my plate. COME ON!  EW!

So I got my lunch for free and they replaced it.  Debbie and I couldn't stop laughing because there was an older couple beside who was arguing about everything from the specials to pancake syrup. It was hilarious.  Then when we were leaving, a old guy was outside and blew his nose into the bushes.  With no tissue.  Just had a finger on one side of his nose and BLEW.  SO GROSS!  But the funniest thing was that the wind was gusting to 70 K, so the big snot wad blew right back and stuck to his face.  Debbie couldn't even hold it in and totally started laughing as we walked past. What in the actual fuck dude!!   Use a freaking tissue you Neanderthal!

It was an an awesome weekend.  Had a blast!!


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