Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tom Sawyer

This past weekend Logan wanted to go on a rock reconnaissance mission this past weekend and no real reason was given for the sudden interest in geology.

Well we found some and he asked if we could paint them to look like ladybugs.  "WE" turned out to be me painting while Logan gave instructions on color choices etc.

Fast forward to today.  I get this email from his teacher:

'When Logan and I were hanging out at the Media Festival we were talking about business. I told him about the vast wealth I acquired painting rocks as a kid and he obviously took it to heart. I'm not sure that's the first buck he's ever made, but I thought you'd appreciate a picture of his first transaction."

So apparently Logan just wanted to have to rock to sell.  How very Tom Sawyer of him to have me do all the painting and he reap the rewards.  LOL.. can't be too mad... clever little bugger.

Here is the pic his teacher sent....


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