Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A pain in the tooth and WHOOOPS an AMJ update

It started on Saturday.  Just a plain old everyday toothache.  I didn't think much of it because I have sensitive teeth so I figured I just ate something cold or hot and had irritated my teeth.

Well, it happened again... and again... each time the pain was stronger and lasted longer.  By Sunday night I was having trouble sleeping.  By Monday, I was sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my face.

I called the Dentist Tuesday am.  Despite their jam packed number of appointments they fit me in. Both my upper and lower jaw were hurting on my left side. The pain was radiating so I couldn't tell what the source of it was.

My Dentist Jack Bassey gave me some pain meds and antibiotics and said to schedule a root canal on my top tooth (which based on xrays appeared to be the cause of my dental woes).  I went home and tried to get some sleep.

But I was unceremoniously awoken by a phone call from the school.  Zach had beat up a kid at recess and had been suspended.  Well that is just fucking awesome.  The only saving grace was that I was at home already and didn't have to bus home from work to get him.  Zach knew he was in MAJOR shit.  He came home and instantly started doing every chore in the house.  My house is spotless right now.  He knew he let his frustrations get the best of him.  To his credit he was completely honest and didn't make any excuses for his behavior.  He apologized profusely to the kid and then wrote a letter to the principal explaining that he knows what he did was wrong and how he will handle it better next time.  All good things, but I would have MUCH preferred it he could have skipped the part where he got into a fight.

So while Zach was at home cleaning, I was just in agony.  By 3:00pm, I was actually starting to get queasy it hurt so much.  The dentist called back and said to come in because they had an opening.  Thank the lord.

So Dr. Jack did an emergency pulpectomy.  Don't understand most of it, but from what I can gather it is the first half of a root canal.  I still have to have the second part done this week and then about 6 weeks later, I have to have a crown put on.

As he gave me the initial freezing, I almost fell asleep as for the first time in three days, all the pain was gone. It was divine.  As sore as I am right now, it feels orders of magnitude better than it did yesterday.  I am all hopped up on T3s, which yesterday weren't even denting the pain.

As for AMJ... well, let's see.... Vegas.... then weekends at the cabin.... I have been so busy that I have forgotten to post updates.  Mostly because there was nothing to report actually.  I am within 5 lbs of my lowest point, which frankly given all the decadence as of late is a miracle.

I haven't given up on AMJ at all.  I am still plugging away, but I think I need a break from the weekly updates.  I am confident that I will have a new plan shortly, but for now... maintenance.


Good dental health said...

It's good that you are feeling better. I can just imagine how much pain you were in. As detailed as your post was, I don't think anyone can quite understand just by reading.

Plus, the topper- son getting into a fight at school. At least you didn't have to spend time talking to him about what he did. He was able to do some introspection and take the necessary action.

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