Monday, April 1, 2013

Worst Monday on Record

Maybe not the worst Monday, but right on up there.

Woke up with a cold, all sneezing and what not. Massive headache. Missed my bus because we forgot the boys shoes. Usually we leave them at school on weekends, but we had brought them to the cabin and forgot to bring them with us this morning. Then once in the bus realized I left my lunch at home.

Spent the whole day at work sneezing. Tried to order something at lunch and it got all screwed up. Then went to pay my truck insurance but when I got there I realized that I have a daily limit on my bank card and couldn't pay my insurance in full. Awesome.

Then get home and Brad wants to switch the insurance to his name as it is cheaper. So we go and do that, takes forever.

I had some errands to run tonight. Had to go over to Jill's to drop off a book I bought her and then go to my mums to get the name of their printer. They wanted to buy another one and want to get the same one.

So I drove over. On my way to my mums I got a $300 ticket on the highway. Didn't switch lanes when a tow truck was on the side. Fuck!!!! It wasn't even an official tow truck, just a car with flashers on.

So that was my freaking Monday.

At at loss for words.


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