Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend recap

Sunday was one of the most decadent days I have had in awhile.

Not because of anything we did, it was decadent because of what we didn't do.

No Hockey, playdates, birthday parties, school functions, meetings... Nada.

Instead we had an honorary Pi Day. We generally do goofy things to celebrate Pi Day at our house, but this year, for whatever reason, we missed it.  So we made up for it on Sunday.  First off the menu...  we had:

Breakfast: Egg Fritatta - which it could be argued is like a scrambled egg pie.

Lunch: Homemade pizza "pie"

Supper: Chicken Pot Pie with Apple Pie for dessert.

So fun.  Made everything from scratch.

In between, the boys got out their yo-yo kits (gift from Grandma and Grandpa) and we had a yo-yo battle and learned how to do some tricks.

Afternoon hot tub soak, followed by a nap on the couch... I'm telling you.. it was over the top decadent.

Lastly, after bubble baths for the boys, we snuggled in for stories.  We are currently reading Holes by Louis Sachar.  It's a really interesting story and the boys are captivated. We read a few chapters every night.


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