Monday, April 22, 2013

Vinyl Siding a date and some lobster.

Saturday am we were up really early.  Went to Star Building to get a quote for some siding on the house. It came in right around what we were expecting. Might be able to get a bit of deal, but we'll see how it goes.  Hopefully we will start working on the house really soon!!  It'll be great to get the front of the house a little facelift and curb appeal!

Saturday night was Date night!  It's been forever since Brad and I had a date night. Now, I would have loved to have gone to some out of the way cool little cafe/diner and had a nice quiet dinner with some wine.

What we did however, was go to Red Lobster.  We had a gift card that was getting really dusty, so we figured we should probably use it.

It was a scene out of Summer Rental... the line up was an hour and a half.  Seriously.  An hour and a half for RED LOBSTER. What in the actual fuck?

Well, we had dropped the kids off at my parents, so it's not like we were in a rush, but still I was in awe.

Dinner was alright.  Nothing spectacular. Afterwards we hit the LC got a bunch of treats, went back to the house for a hot tub soak.  Good times.  Ended up going to bed around three.

At 7:30 my Dad calls to find out if Zach has hockey.  7:30 am.  Oh holiest of unholies.  Got off the phone and forced myself to go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Brad and I had a marathon meeting  on Sunday.  Woke up to some spectacularly crappy weather.  What is going on?  Where is SPRING?

After the meeting, went and picked up two extremely hyper boys. Grandma made sure to load them up with sugar, as Grandmas do.

Zach had his hockey windup in the evening, so we went to that.  Gees.... weekend went by super fast.  Only 2 weeks till the race and 3 weeks till Vegas!!


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