Friday, April 5, 2013

Snowbirds have landed

Dentist appointment yesterday. I hate the Dentist.  It was just for a cleaning, but I sit there just sweating anticipating pain from the cleaning (I have really sensitive teeth).

Boys had a cleaning too... and **GASP** Logan has a cavity.  He was so upset!!  The good thing was that the cavity is on a baby tooth, so  it will come out eventually, but they are going to fill it in the meantime.

After the dentist, we went and got the boys new shoes/ rubber boots.  Holy Shit.  Zach is in a size 6 MENS shoe now.  WTF?? He's 9!!  You know what size is hard to find?   A SIZE 6 MENS!!

Payless had some, but you can tell they don't get looked at much because the shoes were tucked in the corner and had dust on them. Yes. Dust.  Craziness.  In the end we found some cool black and grey airwalk skater shoes that he liked.

When we got home, I did some more work from home and then I got a phone call....

Snowbirds have landed.

Mum and Dad got back from Texas last night.  They drove FAST! Or at least it seems like it.  They left Texas April 2 and got back yesterday.  Does that not seem fast to anyone else?

Talked to Mum last night, they have a boatload of treats for the boys, so they are going to come over tonight to give them.

Haven't seen them for 4 months, so I imagine tonight will be an epic evening of gathered around their computer/camera looking at pictures.  I better make sure I have some wine chilling.


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