Monday, April 29, 2013

Seriously lacking pants.

Wow. Just Wow.

Went for coffee at Tim's.  Walked outside because the weather has warmed up and needed some fresh air.

5 Steps out of the building, a woman started walking towards us.  She was of "curvy" proportions, had a nice grey trench coat on, grey high heels to match, nice grey top and uh... well, the outfit was seriously lacking in pants.

What was in place of the pants was a pair of banana yellow underwear.  Now an argument could be made that the yellow underwear was actually yellow hot pants that despite their best intentions did not stay put so to speak.

It's odd, the woman was walking with the utmost confidence, so it didn't seem to be the case that she had lost her pants, as one would expect her to then be cinching her trench coat closed.   I can only surmise that the outfit was in all of it's pant lacking splendor was entirely pre-meditated.


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