Monday, April 29, 2013

Hell hath frozen over...

I don't believe it.

We started demo on the existing siding this weekend.  Yup...boards underneath were totally rotted through, at least in this one spot.  Brad and I were out there look at it and we were kind of stumped as to how to rebuild it.

At this risk of starting an enormous fight,  I asked Brad if he knew how to fix it.  See, I didn't want to spend a lot of time and money fixing this thing only to not do it properly and end up with more problems later on, but I bit my tongue.

Brad came in the house later and said that he thinks we should hire a contractor to rebuild the stack and get it all wrapped in Tyvek.  Once that is done properly, then we can (Brad and some buddies) can install the siding.  Hallelujah!!!

Then.... the contractor bug has bit Brad and the idea of someone else doing all the work... all of a sudden, we have called back Star Building regarding the siding to see if we can add the soffits/fascia done as well.  Then, he is going to ask this contractor (he is going to call the same guy who built our friends garage and did a really good job) if he could do the soffits/fasica as well as build the stack.

Holy shit balls.  I am so excited!!!!  That means it will get done properly and if it doesn't, someone else is responsible for fixing it!!  Also, there is less stress because Brad doesn't have to do the work himself (difficult to find time to do that when you are working so much).

Hurrah!!  So it's going to cost a bit** more money than our initial budget, at this point, I don't care, I just want it DONE!

** bit being a hell of a lot more.


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