Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gun Metal Blues

Theatre Night!!!

Tonight Jill and I are going to Prairie Theatre Exchange to see Gun Metal Blues!

“She had hair the colour of moonlight on topaz. And a mouth that would have sent Shakespeare thumbing through a thesaurus.”
Gunmetal Blues is a hard-boiled detective yarn disguised as a lounge act -- or maybe it's the other way around. Live from the Red Eye Lounge, Buddy Toupee -- piano player and tour guide -- leads us on a voyage of mystery, murder and music as Sam Galahad searches for a missing blonde in a world of smoke and mirrors, shadows and shattered dreams. The murdered mogul, the missing heiress, the woman with a past, the crooked cop, the world-weary private eye – they’re all here and set to music that will have you humming along as you try to solve the mystery before the final bars end.
A revival of the Vancouver Playhouse production

Love theatre nights - Take in a little culture, hang out with friends... all good things!!


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