Friday, March 1, 2013



Last night the boys brought home the report cards. I had completely forgot they were coming. In  the back of my head I knew it was February, but it has slipped my mind.

Usually I just hate report cards.  That being said, they were awesome!  Both boys improved in every category and Zach got the highest rating (scale of 1 - 4, he got 4) in all the math categories.

I pretend like I care what he gets in Social studies, but I don't.  I want the Reading and Math scores up there. Everything else is just details and application of that.  But I am fully aware how biased I am...

Logan's report card has always been really good and he continued with that.  He improved in a bunch of categories and reading really improved. Took a bit of a hit in the behavior category, but we already knew that.   Logan is a popular kid and that has kind of gone to his head a little bit.  Not to worry, when the teacher called to tell us about it, we promptly brought him back down to earth, so he's on the right path again.

So all in all it was a nice start to the weekend.  Tonight is Zach's playoff game - if they win they continue on, but if they lose they will be out. I am fine with either outcome... It's been a long season LOL.

Saturday Zach and I are going on GG's epic monthly shopping trip.  Every month on her payday, GG stocks up on so much stuff it's like she's preparing for the Geriatric Apocalypse.  I am just constantly perplexed how a 90 year old woman can go through so much stuff.

Zach is coming with me because I need help.  I can't push GG in her wheelchair while pushing an overflowing cart full of stuff.  GG fusses over Zach, so he likes coming as it makes him feel pretty important. Plus, he gets a lunch out of it.

Saturday night, Dave and Beth are coming over for drinks.  During the day, we are watching their boys  because they have the Jets game to go to.  The twins are coming over and hanging out with Logan (another reason why it would be best to have Zach out of the house... no fighting).  So Brad is going to be watching the boys.  Dave and Beth will pop over after the game for dinner/drinks.  I hope I'll be done with GG by then... cause I will certainly be due for a drink!

As for tonight though, I can't decide if I want Vodka or wine.... hmmm..


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