Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stocked Up!

Got a couple texts from Brad.  Running low on some **Ahem** supplies out at the cabin.

One text.... "Bring more beer"


So like the good, loyal wife I am, off I trotted to the mall to pick up some things.  I stopped in at my Grandmother's place to see if she needed anything. Which  of course she did. I just wanted to make sure I got it all squared away as I won't see her until Sunday.

Stocked up on Easter treats for the kids. High Five to London drugs.  They were WAY cheaper than Walmart.  Crazy. Who would have thought.  Got the boys some Jets swag and Skylander Giants too. Should be a decent easter egg hunt.

Tonight Kendra and I are going for dinner.  We originally were thinking Thai, but thanks to a suggestion of my gourmet friend Heather over at Delicious...we decided to go for some Carribean treats.


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