Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JK Livin

Well things have just been trucking along.  Hockey, birthday parties, house renos... everything.  Logan had a hockey tournament last weekend.  They completely got their butts kicked at the tournament, but did awesome in the regular season playoffs. Gold medal game is tonight.

Zach's team is out of the playoffs, but they have a tournament this weekend. Hockey, hockey, hockey.  I'll be glad when we're done so I can then say Football, Football, FOOTBALL!

At some point soon, I really have to book our trip to Vegas.  Seriously.  Coming up FAST!  It always seemed so far away, but May is going to be here soon.  Craziness. Can't wait for Spring. I am truly sick of winter at this point.

Weigh in tomorrow.  I have a good feeling.  Been tracking and thinking that this week I will actually see some good progress. Here's hoping... and going for a 6 mile run tonight... you know... just in case.


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