Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday is in the books

Yup. Done and Done.

Took GG out on Saturday.  Jackie visited with her family on Sunday. I went with my family yesterday (her actual birthday)

Miraculously, GG enjoyed herself and didn't focus on the fact that her daughters were in Texas.   Much better than last year.

So now that's done, onto Valentines day.  Last year I went all out and made the boys Valentines for school. I had lofty intentions of doing that this year, but well, you know, shit happens and you get busy.  I was all set to make these glow stick ones, but once I realised I would have to buy 50 glow sticks to make it happen, uh... yeah... how 'bout no?

Instead, I opted for some animal planet valentines that come with tattoos.  That works.


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