Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Good Weekend, got lots done.

Worked for a few hours on Saturday, then hit up Logan's hockey game, then off to dinner theater in the evening.

Sunday got up crazy early for ZJ's hockey game.  Worked for an hour or so, then visited GG. After that, came home, vegged out for a bit before taking Logan to a birthday party.  Logan had to leave the party early so he could get to his hockey pictures and practice.

Sheesh.  Even managed to squeeze a workout in on Sunday. Yay me.

 I have two days before the next CGA assignment is due.  This particular course has 5 assignments.  Lots of work.  At the time it's kind of overwhemling, but the cheque at the end is nice LOL.

Starting to plan the Vegas trip with Jill and Debbie in May. Can't Wait!!!!!


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