Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend recap

Kind of hectic really.

Saturday am we were up at the butt crack of dawn to hit Glenwood arena for Logan's game.  Glenwood is the coldest freaking arena ever.  When you sit in the stands you can see your breath.  It's just painful.

When we got home from that, ZJ and Brad rushed off to Grand Pointe for a hockey team get together.  They had a really great afternoon.

In the meantime, Logan and I were practicing getting RAK'd.  Random acts of Kindness.  First Logan pointed out that there were some cars at the daycare on a Saturday.  What that usually means is our director is there working on the weekends.  So we decided if they had to work on a Saturday then at least there would be some treats!

Quick as a flash I made up some chocolate cake batter and we used Logan's cake pop maker.  It can make both cake pops and donut holes.  We made these chocolate cake balls/donut hole things. In the interest of time, we just dusted them with powdered sugar and called them Chocolate Snowballs.

We took over a batch to the ladies at the center, who were quite grateful.  Logan was inspired, he liked all the attention the ladies gave him!  We went back home, made up another batch and took them over to GG (Great Grandma).  Spent an hour or so visiting with her.

Saturday night I went to Rumors Comedy Club with Angie, Shane and Pat.  The emcee comic was HILARIOUS (and crazy cute).  However, the headliner, just wasn't my cup of tea.  He just had this smarmy, creepy character on stage that I just didn't particularly care for.  His name was Tommy Savitt.  Angie and Shane loved him though. It was still great to go and have some laughs.  Here is a vid of Tommy...he doesn't look like this now.  He's got white hair, wears a leather jacket, pointy heeled boots.... you get the picture.

Sunday was more hockey.  Zach had a game, Logan had a practice, but they were at the same time, so we split up and then met back up later.  Came home for a quick lunch, then when out to the Floodway with Owen for some snowboarding.  The kids picked up on the idea really fast.

I tried, but was pitiful.  I had my hood on to block the wind, but when you snowboard you turn your body sideways to go down the hill, so the hood was blocking a good portion of my vision. I am not blaming all of the problems on my reduced visibility, but some of it for sure LOL.  On my second run, the board moved oddly and I was going down the hill head on (picture a toy soldier with his feet glued to a platform) instead of sideways.  This is not the best way I am told.  I caught an edge and did a full face first flop into the snow.  Funny thing was with my feet strapped to the board, I couldn't really move.  It was very elegant.

The wind picked up and after being out there for a couple hours, we were all pretty cold, so we hit Tim's for a hot chocolate and then went for a hot tub soak.  Good end to the day.


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