Thursday, January 17, 2013

This week's theme is Lost and Found


My parents have gone to Texas for the winter.  They always rent a place to stay when they are there. This year, they mailed the cheque prior to heading down.

Well, they have now arrived, but the cheque has not.  Dad had sent the letter registered, so there was supposed to be a tracking number he could look up online to see the location of the cheque.

It would have made sense that they brought this tracking number with them.  They did not.  So I got the glorious task of going over to St. James Monday night and trying to find this minuscule piece of paper that had a tracking number on it.  First off it wasn't anywhere they said it would be.

Mum and Dad haven't got a phone hooked up yet and even when they do it's with a 5 second time delay so it's super annoying to talk with.  I tried using Skype.  That seemed to work and as an added bonus comes with video so I was turning my phone around and letting my parents "see" the house to help me find the post office paper.

Like I said, it wasn't ANYWHERE they said it would be, but no matter. An hour or so later, but I found it.

My Mum had said I could have her theater tickets as they weren't going to be using them. Awesome!  So I grabbed them while I was there and headed out.

On the way home, I stopped and got groceries.  Oh yeah, my life is nothing but glamour and glitter... jealous much?

When I got home, I didn't have the tickets. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?     So I figured I must have lost them when I was groceries shopping. Fantastic.
The next day, I called the MTC box office and explained the situation (kind of glossed over the part where I lost the tickets and instead focused on the part where a season ticket holder was letting me have her tickets).

They said it was no problem, so whew.  But then almost immediately I get a phone call from my Mum's neighbor who is looking after the house telling me she found the tickets. I guess I left them on the landing.   Well, that's better than losing them!!

Alright... Enter Tuesday.  Work was crummy. Actually no, work was fine, I was just having an off day. The kind of day where you feel spectacularly stupid in everything you do.  Got home and had just got my coat off  when Zach mentioned that he had found my wedding rings awhile ago.

Uh... what?

See, I was reacting to my wedding rings, not sure why.  I hadn't been wearing them for the past few months  and instead was wearing my Grandmothers ring.  It never occurred to me that Zach would stumble onto where I was keeping them.

So, as calmly as I could, I asked Zach, "Where are the rings now?"  to which he replied..."I don't know Mum, it was a long time ago".


Ok, jacket is now off and cue tearing apart the house trying to find the rings.  Zach I love you with all my heart, but you have a memory like a sieve when it comes to remembering where you put things.

We looked EVERYWHERE and nothing.  Oh the drama.  Zach was super upset, so was I. It wasn't his fault, but still, I was so upset that we'd lost them, or Zach had inadvertently thrown them away or something.

This is the strange part.  I was sitting on my bed, just a warm ball of frustration and emotions, when I actually said out loud "Grandma, can you help me find the rings?".  My Grandma passed away years and years ago, but I always think about her.  I was so desperate I actually asked the spirit of my departed Grandmother for help.

Shortly thereafter it came to me that we hadn't looked in one spot because it seems so unlikely that Zach would have put it there.  On a whim - and frankly I had nothing to lose at this point", I went and looked.

Well what do you know?

Found them. Safe and Sound. Thanks Grandma.

Went and talked to Zach about it and it all came flooding back to him.. "Oh yeah... NOW i remember."

Put the rings on.  Walked into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of leftover wine, pulled the cork out with my teeth and walked straight to the couch and had myself a big 'ol drink.

Some weeks do have a theme I guess.  I hope that next weeks theme is Falling Ass backwards into piles of money and wine.

We all can dream.


HP said...

What's leftover wine??

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