Thursday, January 10, 2013

Songza you bitch

Why do apps do this?  They might think it's a promo of the app, but in actuality it just pisses people off.

I like Songza.  It's a pretty rad app that lets you listen to all sorts of music by genre, mood whatever.  You don't have to have the music in your phone, it just plays it ad free. Only downsides are the fact you can't go back and replay a song if you like it as well as only letting you skip so many songs an hour.

All is well right, listening to the music, thinking I am so smart for finding this app.

Then my friend Heather informs me that every song I listen to on Songza shows up on Facebook news feed.

Are you fucking kidding me?  I had no idea it was doing that!!
So everyone has been seeing the songs I listen to. The Bieber... Oh my word the sheer volume of Bieber.

This is why everyone needs friends so that they can point out to you when technology has made you its bitch.

In a whirl of settings, I think I have managed to shut off the Songza postings on Facebook. Or at least I am pretty sure I have.  Apps like this should come with a warning.

Attention: This app will obnoxiously post shit in your friends new feed.  At the risk of alienating all of the people who like you, immediately go into the settings and shut this shit off. Capiche?


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