Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Wrap

This was a good Christmas break. Got in lots of visiting, boys played hockey in a tournament and when they were not playing in the tournament, Brad was taking them to the rink every day to burn off some restless energy.

Last night we went to a NYE party. There were 5 couples there plus all the kids so it was a full house. Lots of fun though. I wasn't sure if my boys would make it to midnight,but they totally did and were in high spirits for the countdown. We left shortly after and put them to bed.

Today is just a relaxing last day of holiday break. Just going to be lazy, watch movies, sip coffee (albeit decaf) and veg the fuck out. Real life and AMJ start tomorrow.

I let myself have this break AMJ wise. I indulged where and when I wanted to with no guilt, knowing that I would get right back to it in January and I will. The new goal of 30 by summer starts tomorrow. (Starting from scratch and not going to tack on the **ahem** few pounds I may have put on in the past week.

Happy New Year, may be it be filled with love, laughter and good wine.


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