Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dinner Theatre

Debbie got tickets to Celebrations dinner theatre and so we decided to go!

OMG, the serving staff is in character. Some people love this. Debbie and I... uh... Not so much.

We had the strangest server. At the end of the night, we were settling up our bills and we both had cash. Rather than just brining the change she said "How much change do you want?"

Mine was easy as the numbers worked out pretty easy to a $10 back. Debbie's didnt and the server totally put her on the spot so I told her "why don't you just get her the full change and she can decide later"

So the server comes back and hands her a single $5 and says "Is this enough change?"

It was amazingly rude. Debbie was just speechless.

So outside of the bizarre serving staff, the singing was really good and we enjoyed that aspect of it.

If anything it made for a really whimsical girls night out!


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