Monday, January 28, 2013

Almost a week? Are you kidding me?

Well holy hell!

I didn't realized it has been almost a week since I'd posted.  Nutso.

Weekend was very GG-centric.  During the week, Zach and I had gone over to her place for a visit.  While we were visiting Zach ate on of her bananas.  GG flipped out because she needs to eat a banana a day a by Zach eating one, she didn't have enough for the week.

So I stopped over Friday night with some bananas to make sure she didn't run out. To which she replied "What did you bring those for? I got some at the dining room"

Fantastic.  But to ensure that my visit wasn't for naught, she asked me to refill her water jugs.  However, the stores were closed by this point, so I told her I would go on Saturday.

Saturday morning, we got up and I took Logan to his game.  Brad took Zach to his game in St. Norbert.  After hockey, Logan and I got the jugs filled and stopped over.    GG then noted that she needed tissues.... and so it begins. I took the boys to a movie in the afternoon and then we stopped off and got tissues for GG.

Sunday am, I got Logan ready for a birthday party, then headed over to bring GG her tissuse. I felt bad that she has been cooped up for such a long time with the weather being so cold, so I offered to take her out for lunch.  PERKINS AWAITS!

After lunch GG said she needed a new jacket/blazer to go into dinners with.  The dress up for meals at her block.  At first I thought it was kind of odd, but then I thought, at 90 what else do you have to look forward to?  If you want to dress up for dinner, then go for it!!

So we found her two nice new dinner jackets, a black one with some sparkle to it and a suede one in teal. Very nice. Since I had some time, we decided to peruse the mall.  Let me tell you that wheelchair is a BEAST!  It's crazy heavy by itself, not to mention having GG in it/ Your arms get a little sore after a couple hours of pushing.  By the end of our adventure we had covered every square inch of that mall.... and I was tired.

Still, GG got a good haul.  We went to Bath and Body works and she stocked up on a bunch of peach scented stuff.  Hit up London Drugs, The Bay, Jewelry stores.... then hit shoppers on the way home.

Got home, cleaned the house like a mad woman and got ready for my budget meeting at seven.  Girls came PREPARED! and we were finished the whole damn thing (including salary projections) by 9:30...

Productive weekend baby.


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