Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend recap

Friday started out a little crazy as I went shopping on my lunch hour. I got majorly carried away with the sales, completely forgetting that I take the bus to and from work.  It was a little hairy getting on the bus with all of my bags... didn't help that they were puffy bags (blankets and robes etc). But I made it. Dumped the presents and hopped into the car to meet Jill.

Jill and I hit IKEA Friday night. We had no idea that it was midnight madness.    I was expecting MAYHEM, but honestly it wasn't that bad at all.  Jill wanted to get a bite to eat before we went power shopping, so we decided to try out the IKEA cafe.

Actually, it's not that big, but the prices are crazy cheap which is likely why the line up was 30 minutes long.

After that, we did some damage.  Got my new curtains (rails, panels the works), new dresser, kitchen organization stuff, bathroom organization stuff,  kids organization stuff.....  Individually the prices were completely reasonable.  In aggregate, holy mother!

Driving home from IKEA was nuts. Beyond nuts.  There was this really thick ice fog going on.  Even though I knew what road I was on, I couldn't tell from looking out my window where I was. I was going 40km down Bishop Grandin.  It was super scary.  Made it home safe though thank goodness.

Saturday am we were up at the butt crack of dawn. Well no, not really.  But when you don't get to sleep much, having to be at the rink for 7:30 am on a weekend might as well be.  Logan was goalie for the game, so we had to get there a little early so we could get all of his equipment on.  

Unfortunately, they lost the game, but Logan played pretty well. Goalie is not his favorite position.  He's a great little skater on the ice, but goalie is not where he shines.  He said to his teammate before they went on the ice, "If I let a few goals in, don't be too hard on me ok?"   They rotate the kids through so everyone gets a chance.  He made some pretty amazing saves, but since we had so  many kids missing that game, they were on the ice for a long time and got really tired.  Logan is quite content that his turn is finished.
It was nice that my Mum and Dad have been coming out to the games.  They really like sitting in the stands and cheering the boys on.  Both ZJ and Logan love having them there.   No matter how insignificant a game, it always feels like a championship game when your kid is on the ice.

Sunday we were up and at em early again.  This time was for ZJ's game. They were going up against the best team in their division.   It was a crazy tough game.  ZJ killed it on defense!  Man, that kid scores high in protective instincts let me tell you.  We were up for the majority of the game.  Then in the latter part of the third period they scored.  With 44 seconds to go we tied it up. So exciting.  So while it was a tie, it felt like a huge victory because the kids didn't give up and kept fighting.   It was awesome.

I couldn't get a pick of ZJ before his game - he was in the locker room with his buddies and wasn't in the mood to entertain his mother's desire to capture memories. So this is me and Logan hanging out at the civic centre on Sunday morning, cheering on the Lazers!

Brad got the new dresser put together.  It looks great, but was slightly too big for Logan's room. So we moved my dresser into Logan's and put the IKEA one in our room.  It actually perfectly matches our bed, so looks like it was part of a set! Perfecto!

Next up. Curtains.  Brad and I put them together.  OMG.  It was a miracle that we didn't fight, as most couples do when putting furniture togehter.  I honestly think that we were united in our unbridled hatred of Swedish assembly instructions.

4 hours laters, triple curtain rail assembled and installed, 5 curtain panels cut to size and installed. Looks awesome.

Whew!  DONE!


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