Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend Recap... the good, the bad and the ugly.

Weekend was up and down.

The Christmas party for work was amazing. So much fun.  Totally enjoyed that evening... lots of dancing and drinks with Cool people.

The next day we realised that one of the pump seals had cracked on the hot tub. Whenever the jet turn on, it sprays water, so that isn't ideal.  We called the service department who is usually awesome, but they can't come out to fix until today.  So I am hoping that I get home to a freshly fixed got tub!

Then... the ugly.  Zach's hockey game.   I know I am biased, but we TOTALLY dominated them, outskated them by a long shot.  But the ref kept calling us for penalties.  Thing was we hadn't done anything wrong!  Zach even got called for a penalty.  Even the coach of the OTHER team told the ref that Zach didn't do anything wrong.  So, the other team scored on every power play.  At one point there was three of our kids in the penalty box. Three! That's just crazy.  The boys ended up losing the game and were pretty disappointed.

To make matters even worse, Zach lost his DS. We tore up the house looking for it and nothing.  Kind of an expensive thing to lose.

Here's hoping next weekend is better!


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