Saturday, December 8, 2012

It happened again

I fainted.



Thursday am I was sitting on the laundry room floor with Logan trying to sort through the laundry to find him a pair of socks for school.  I remember feeling dizzy and then waking up on the floor with Logan putting a rolled up towel under my head.  Gotta say, Logan is my guardian angel.  That kid is always around at the right time.

I went to get up but the entire room began to spin.  If I stayed still, I felt ok.  So Logan ran and brought me the phone. I called Brad to come home and get the kids to school.

I stayed downstairs lying on a pile of laundry for a good hour before I felt well enough to move.  When I did, I made it to the stairs about 5 ft away before I started throwing up. Nice.

We decided to go to the ER. I figured it would be about an hour or two visit like last time. I was there for over 12 hours. 3 waiting to get in and the remainder running tests.  They did a heart EKG, CT scan and all is fine.  They also tested me for vertigo and that WAS NOT FUCKING FINE.

They had me lie on a gurney with my head dropping off the end of the gurney, within a second the world was spinning.  It like the worst amusement park ride ever.  The doctors quickly got me out of that position, but not before I was getting sick again.

So clearly I have Vertigo.  But they think that was a result of hitting my head on the concrete laundry floor.

One thing that we are looking into is Meniere's Disease.  It has a lot of the symptoms I have.  Interestingly enough, symptoms also include hearing loss, tinnitus as well, which I have had for years.

I got a prescription to help with the Vertigo and depending on how the diagnosis of Meniere's goes, I might take this same pill once a day to prevent symptoms.

At this point, I just want to isolate the cause, and figure out ways to prevent it.

Not the best start to the weekend, although, absolutely killer for weight loss!  Gotta find the positive somewhere.


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