Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AMJ Update

Down 1.2 baby!!!

Bringing my total poundage dropped to date to 21.2 lbs.

I am totally motivated now.  I had hit a plateau a few weeks ago only dropping 0.2 lbs in a week.  That sucks and your motivation take a major hit.  But I pushed past it and have been doing pretty well since then.

I even managed to resist Santa Lucia pizza yesterday.  COME ON! That's like one of the yummiest pizza's around and I didn't have any. Yes, yes, it has lots of salt which I shouldn't be having anyways, but still, point is, I resisted.  Big pat on the back.

Not sure I will have a AMJ update update next Wednesday as it's Boxing Day and that will have been after two Holiday dinners. Yikes.

However, like I said last week, I am regrouping after the holidays with a new goal....

30 by Summer (which for me is June 1)  That works out to 1.25 pounds a week starting in January.  After going through my 25 by 25 goal, I know that this (while do-able) is a lofty goal because you are going to get week when you don't lose anything. It's your system's way of adjusting.   But that's ok. I just work better with a goal. I NEED a goal. Something to focus on and keep me motivated.

I am determined to keep this up!


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