Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend was alright. Nothing crazy. Just the usual hockey and running around.

Did two weight workouts back to back though...

Holy Mother F%&^*)^%$er

I am really sore.  Think if I go near any weights right now it's gonna look like this

Maybe this should be more my style until my muscles stop hurting.

Been trying to work out lots to compensate for the Halloween - Fancy Schmancy dinner AMJ debacle.  Halloween should not coincide with cheat day, it just shouldn't. It's cruel.

Then on Friday night, we had the CFL Hall of Fame awards dinner.  Didn't go crazy or anything, but I had the dinner as it was served (didn't make any AMJ like requests).  So while it was super yummy, wasn't exactly diet friendly.

So I am trying to keep calm as I look at the scale.  Don't think there is any chance of losing weight this week. At best, I think I am shooting for maintenance of last week.

Only 8 weeks left to over 12lbs... calm.....


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