Tuesday, November 6, 2012


United Way campaign is done, so we are having our windup tonight.

But it also coincides with Logan's Hockey practice.  So some last minute finangling and we are able to coordinate friends of ours (who also have a son on the team) taking Logan to the practice and Grandma will watch Zach at home.

Grandma doesn't know the first thing about hockey other than cheering for her grandsons in the stands.  She was really uncomfortable with the idea of having to get Logan all suited up, so we made other arrangments... no biggie.

One more day to AMJ weigh in... It's gonna be a close one I think.  I am hoping for a loss, however meager.....  but it doens't bode well that I have a dinner out tonight. Frick... no wine for me and salad.  Fun fun fun... oh well, no one said getting ass minimization was easy.


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