Friday, November 30, 2012

Parent Teacher Confrontations

Last night was Parent Teacher Conferences.  Or as Logan calls them, Parent Teacher Confrontations.  I like his description better.

Logan did well.  Kicking ass at Math and displaying Leadership in the classroom.  Gotta cool it with the chatting during class time. So of course you have to be the invested parent...

That being said,  having someone tell me my son talks too much? Really? You think he saves it for you?...

Zach apparently did well up until the report cards went out, but then after that things have "started to decline".  So we had to have a chat with his teacher about getting things back on track.

At parent teachers, there are tons of parents roaming the halls and the book fair at the library.  You inevitably bump into all those parents who "put on a show"... you know, those people who behave differently as parents when there are other people around. You're not fooling anyone.

I might be in the minority here, but I genuinely hate parent teacher conferences. I don't feel that there should be any surprises.  If everyone is doing their job as a teacher, then I should be up to speed on any given moment about how they are doing, what their challenges are etc.   The parent teacher meetings are just majorly awkward.

Admittedly, I tend to get defensive of the people I care about. Friends, family etc.  So I sit there the entire time, fighting to urge to tell them to stuff it.

Ultimately, you end up sitting through 15 of the longest minutes in the history of time trying to show excitement at the mural the class made out of toilet paper rolls.

FINALLY, at some point you hear " I think ourtime is just about up..."

Brad couldn't make these conferences because he had to work, but he did make sure there was wine in the fridge when I got home...


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