Thursday, November 1, 2012

It all started with a ring

Last night Logan decided on a whim he wanted to be a Zombie  ninja.  So I went searching for some face paint...

While I was digging around in my drawer, I found a tiny little white container.  It is about the size of a bottle cap made of white plastic.  The top twists off (like a pot of lip gloss) and inside was a ring, lying down horizontal held in place by a ribbon.

It was my Grandmother's engagement ring.  It's beautifully vintage, it has a dquare white gold setting of a small diamond and two side diamonds.  The rest of the band is yellow gold.

It's funny, I have been wearing a different engagment ring for so long.  My engagement ring/wedding ring/ 5 year ring were all sautered (spelling?) together.   They all of a sudden, I started reacting to the metal.  So when Brad re-proposed to me when we were in Mexico, I started wearing the ring he proposed with, a silver one.

It's a lovely silver ring, it just doesn't look like a wedding/engagement ring at all.  Still, it was better than wearing nothing and it had some sentiment behind it which I loved.

But now, I have stumbled onto my Grandma's ring. Until I get around to melting down my other rings, I am going to wear this one.  There is a great history behind this ring and it has been in my family for a very long time. The other thing is it fits PERFECTLY!!   I am a huge believer in signs and stuff, so this was a sign that I was meant to wear this ring.


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