Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grey Cup

Grey Cup Sunday!!  Stamps and Argos!

Go Stamps... I can't stand the Argos!

Plus, as a lovely side bonus... guess...just GUESS who is the half time show?

Then... if that isn't enough awesomeness for one day, Once upon a time has a new episode on tonight.

Followed by my one (well, honestly one of many) guilty pleasures.....


It's a Sunday TV bonanza!  In anticipation of some SERIOUS couch time, I got up early and
 - went to Zach's Hockey game (which they won!!!!)
- came home, shoveled my walk and the neighbours walk (super nice older couple, who came running out and gave me some banana bread when they saw me shoveling, how cute is that?)
 - once I thawed out from shoveling... made myself a workout tank top...
 - went for a 3 mile run
 - gave the boys haircuts

 I currently have some dough in the breadmaker so that I can make the boys pigs in blankets for Grey Cups snack bonanza!

Score one for some serious productivity!


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